Craving For Something Different

Where does the rest of life end,

And where does my own life begin?

I am a human-being, a Muslim, someone who wants to live a better life, someone who wants to make time for the deen,

Someone who wants to spend time with family/friends, get married, learn, teach, give to charity, improve lives,

But the demands that the medical profession places upon us, leaves us little time to be ourselves,

To think about a life beyond the work that we do in the hospitals,

It’s ok if we love being in the hospital, at least there is enjoyment there,

But I’m starting to hate the process and just feel fed up with it all. I think something needs to change and I don’t know how or what,

And so this Ramadhaan, I must pray to Allah to make my life better and to grant me change,

I am desperate for it.

I don’t know what this change should be, or how it will come about,

But I need something new or different or even a paradigm shift to get me unstuck from this place of doom and gloom.

I can’t really see much light in the dunya at the moment,

And so I must seek out Allah and ask Him to grant me light and grant me a way out from this place that I’m in.


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