Being Exhausted and Fed Up

I’m just exhausted,

The world is tiring me out,

And I’m not even devoting my time to the things that are important,

I’m exhausting myself, doing the things that almost feel as if are enforced upon me,

And I’m just tired and fed up of the things that I’m pursuing,

It just feels as if the world is dragging on,

And I want to be free,

I think I’d like to be free,

But I’m not sure of what is good for me,

But I will pray for the best inshaAllah,

I don’t really know what the future holds,

But I want to pray that Allah grants me a better future,

And His plan is better than mine,

I need to trust Him in this,

And I need to hope and pray for the best,

Allah knows the future better than me,

He knows what lies ahead and the options I have in the future,

He knows things that might not have even entered my psyche,

And so I need to let go of this intellect of mine,

That keeps on thinking and thinking about the unknown,

And then gets itself stuck in a rut,

For one can’t really generate something out of nothing,

Only Allah has the power to do that,

He only says to it “Be” and it is.

How glorious and powerful He is,

But how much I fail to recognise and acknowledge it,

Things need to change,

Internally and Externally,

I’m just in control of my deeds,

Not the future or the outcome.


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