Being an Adult

It feels quite nice to be at home,

To be around people who love you,

And want the best for you,

And ones who care for you.

It can be a conflict though,

When you want to do something,

That your parents don’t really approve of,

You have this need to please them,

But yet, you’re grown up now and you’re an adult,

So you should be making your own decisions,

For the sake of Allah.

Our parents want us to do what they think is right,

And what they think is right isn’t always what is right.

We don’t always have to do what we’re supposed to do,

We’re old enough to make conscious choices and to decide what we can live with really,

As someone else can’t really make that choice for us,

And we have to live with those consequences forever,

Or deal with the results and sometimes adverse consequences of those actions.

I think my gut instincts are telling me not to do this,

To change my approach and my course of action,

And to trust Allah’s plan.

We really can’t plan for every eventuality,

We can’t know in advance or second-guess things,

I hate that we’re being expected to know what we want to do,

Or to plan so far in advance in this very commercialised world,

I’d like a better life inshaAllah,

And so I pray to Allah for something better than this,



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