The End of A Tiring and Challenging Week

And so the week is over,

And I feel relieved that I’m at home,

Lying in my bed,

Just being free to do as I please.

It’s been a challenging week,

That I can’t deny,

Exams, travelling, sleepless nights, appointments,

But Alhamdulillah that it’s over,

And that I’m free.

I’m feeling slightly more liberated now,

I feel tired though,

But I want to take back control of my life,

I feel like I’ve been in a very passive state of tolerance and just allowed the world to be around me,

I want to find something that I’m passionate about,

Something I can really get stuck into,

And put my all into,

But something I can be realistic about,

Something I can pray to Allah for,

A project that is for the sake of Allah,

I’m not in control of my life,

All I can try to be is a good person,

And inshaAllah everything will be ok.


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