Lessons I’m Learning

One thing I’m learning is that,

I have a choice about how to react to things around me which I don’t approve of,

I can turn on my hate mode,

Internally judge the people around me,

Unconsciously project this negativity,

Which would probably make it difficult for others to be around me,

And carry this pain around with me,

Or I can offer my truth,

Voice my concerns unemotionally if it felt comfortable to do so,

Without forcing it,

And listening to the other person’s response,

Being empathetic towards them and merciful as they react or respond.

Others may be quite reactive towards me,

Unleashing their pain onto me,

But I can choose whether to engage with it,

And I have the choice to walk away peacefully,

Let them know that I do not wish to be involved,

Or I can try rationalising with them,

As I have done for a while,

But it just hasn’t worked,

People have differences in their opinions,

People want to live their lives differently,

People have different agendas to me,

So I can just put on that waterproof coating,

And allow their words to bounce off me,

Rather than absorb it, take it to heart and react to it.

I am different to the people around me,

I value things that are different to those I grew up with,

I don’t need to continue trying to please them,

And giving in to all of their wishes,

I can manufacture my own truth,

And live my life by my own values inshaAllah.


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