A Poem on Reaching a Better Place

I am in a location where I feel better, happier,

One where I have fond memories,

Fond memories of spending time with nice people,

Learning together, reminding each other of the truth,

And a reminder of a place I was at where I felt closer to the truth and became aware of the truth 🙂

It’s nice to be back in that same location,

The place where I did a lot of soul-searching,

Where I begged Allah to open my heart up to what was right,

As I was confused with the conflicting information,

I wanted what my nafs desired,

Choosing to identify with what my nafs wanted,

Just because the alternative would hurt too much,

And now I’m in the same location again,

And I think to myself,

So much has changed about me,

I have grown up so much,

Developed greater confidence,

Developed greater courage,

I feel more comfortable with being me,

And yes I have flaws,

I am really emotional, far too sensitive and quite judgemental of others too,

Traits that make it difficult to form lasting relationships with people,

But maybe that is ok,

As I have learnt that Allah will grant you what you need at the right time,

And take away what is not needed for you at the right time.

We can feel upset, angry, humiliated and a multitude of other emotions,

But Allah has greater rights over what He grants us,

He chose to give us those things due to His good will,

And He can so choose to take it away,

And we can grieve of course,

Allah allows people to mourn the loss of things,

Think of the death of one’s spouse, divorce, etc,

The iddah period as we call it.

Islam is a beautiful faith,

It recognises and caters for our emotions,

It is truly divine, how could it be man-made?

And I am blessed to have found it,



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