A Poem on Career Pathways

All these career pathways,

It all just seems so complicated.

Why do I have to know which specialty I want to go into,

And can I really be sincere in the one that I choose,

i.e. choose one that I feel passionate about,

One I feel driven to succeed in,

Not for me and my own benefit,

But for the benefit of the patients I serve,

Or shall I pick one that I feel the safest in,

One in which I feel protected,

Protected and supported when an angry patient who has lost their child decides to take legal action against the trust,

When our management plans and documentation are scrutinised,

When we are summoned by the courts and questioned about our behaviour, our actions and why we did what we did.

I’m so unsure, and how hard this is for me.

There are a mixture of conflicting feelings and thoughts within me right now.

I don’t really know what is best for me,

And because I don’t know,

I must hand this all back to Allah, the Almighty, my Lord,

He knows more than me,

And whatever He grants me is what is best for me inshaAllah.


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