A Poem on the Deep Pain I Endured

Shattered dreams, lost hope, the break-down of trust, respect and the breakdown of a deeply close and loving friendship,

Is what I had to endure.

I felt like I was prey for the crocodiles,

And though I have been silenced and told to let go,

I did walk away (for the record),

But the pain and the memories remained,

I still live with that.

Every now and again, something triggers it again,

And I remember the awful things that happened,

The betrayal, being abandoned, the breaking of one’s word,

And the deep psychological wounds that were left behind,

The difficult feelings, the pain, the anger, the sorrow, the uncertainty and the lack of closure,

How dare you walk away!

This is my life too, not just yours,

I made huge sacrifices so I had a right to know,

But I couldn’t force you to hand my rights back to me,

And so I pray so hard that you will suffer one day too,

For the injustices that occurred,

And for leaving me to rot by myself in a ditch,

Without extending a helping hand,

Shame on you!

I wish you would learn,


Oh the human spirit,

How much joy people can bring,

But how much this can be eradicated by one or a few hurtful events.

I’m deeply saddened by everything,

Your actions, behaviour, how I was discarded like waste,

It was atrocious, and I hope that one day you are apologetic, remorseful and regretful for what you did to me.


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