A Poem on These Trivial Means

I feel lost in this world,

But I feel honoured that God saved me,

Opened my eyes up to the reality of this world,

How futile all this is,

But I still need to pretend that I’m just like everyone else,

Concerned about the same things, aiming for the same things,

But really, I think, what is the point of trying so hard?

There was a moment today,

Where I thought that I needed to do what everyone else did.

I felt different…detached,

Like I wasn’t part of them,

Just an outside observer who looked inwards,

Making a comment every now and again,

Receiving a reaction every now and again.

All of this is why I prefer to stay indoors these days,

– keep away from people,

– and preserve my deen.

I do feel lonely, like a stranger in a sea of familiarity,

And so I do wish that Allah rescues me from these stormy waters,

Reunites me with my soul-mates,

And grants me solace and peace,

For this world has failed me.

I tried so hard to please it,

Do everything it wanted from me,

But it was never enough.

I sacrificed quality time with my own Lord,

The reason I am here, to please Him inshaAllah,

And I chose to devote much of my time to pursuing my studies for the dunya,

But now I want to move on,

And rekindle my relationship with my Lord,

He is the greatest of them all.


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