A Poem on A Happy and Freeing Evening

I felt this happiness and freedom today that I haven’t felt for a long time,

I felt that I could be honest and acknowledge that the world was an unpleasant place.

It was a meeting with a friend which brought this about.

She’s had a horrible time and endured physical abuse,

From those who were meant to care for and nurture her,

She ran away and Allah granted her solace,

But the memories of the pain inflicted upon her remain,

And it makes me think of my own pain I have endured,

Yes Allah has sent me so many blessings my way,

Granted me a home, increased wealth, a chance at recovery and replenishing what I lost out on,

But I don’t thank him enough,

I don’t feel privileged enough,

As I continue to compare myself to the people around me,

Who live in relative ease and happiness.

But the believers are better off really,

As they have traded the cheap pleasures of this life in,

So they can experience the everlasting joy of the akhirah.

The pain we endure in this life,

Will be rewarded by bliss in the akhirah,

And so that makes me feel a little relieved,

That I am better off in the long term inshaAllah,

So Alhamdulillah for everything,

For the pain and the joy in between.

It is all there for a reason,

And it is good for us,

For how else will we be reminded,

That we’re not in control of our lives,

Allah is.

There’s no harm in taking control I feel,

For the sake of Allah,

I.e. being in control of what you say, how you act and behave,

But the outcome is decreed by Allah.

I don’t want to live in a passive state of weak tolerance,

I want to be active in the manner that I go about trying to change things.

Being still is good sometimes, resting in order to replenish our reserves,

So that we can bounce back into action.

I hope and pray that there are good things in store for the future inshaAllah!


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