A Poem on Outer Covers and Appearances

I struggle to know how to live my life these days,

Are these the days when we’re supposed to hide away from the world,

To preserve our deen?

I’m not sure, as looking around me,

Things look pretty bad.

The Prophet (pbuh) said that days will come,

When fornication will be widespread,

When men will compete to build the tallest buildings,

When the deen will fade away.

I see the deen today,

And it’s not like the deen the Prophet (pbuh) came with.

People are selective with what they choose to follow,

They say there are differences in opinion in things the scholars of the past had a unanimous concensus upon,

And they follow uneducated and misguided speakers,

Those who have had just a few years of education,

But deliver fatwas like they’ve become experts overnight.


And who do I follow,

There’s no-one I know that is worthy of following,

Humans are imperfect,

And as my last post showed,

They change and their religious conduct can decline.

If you follow people, it’s because you admire them,

Trust them, look after them,

But what if that person you followed started to do bad things?

Would you continue following them like you had always done,

Or would you step away to save your deen?

I hope it would be the latter.

But if you truly love someone,

And your love for them reaches a place where they are loved and submitted to unconditionally,

Then you may be blinded to their flaws,

And that would mean that your faith is in danger,

Of being spoilt and tampered with.

And what is the most important thing in the world?

It is the beautiful deen of islam.

Nothing can overtake the significance of it…ever.

Yet we spend our days and nights thinking about and devoting our time to things of much lesser value and weight.

That is something to reflect upon and correct.

I spent ages today trying to come up with a new mission statement and set my goals.

I’m happy with my aims and my goals,

But then I wasted too much time thinking about the colours and decorations I would use to set them onto paper,

And even then, it ended up looking far too crowded on the sheet I drew it on.

Moral of the story – prioritise what is important,

And that is the message itself,

And what ingrains itself into the heart.

Intentions are made inside,

And don’t have to be drawn out on paper.

Sometimes it’s a delusion,

It deludes you into thinking that you’ve achieved something,

When you haven’t really.

But it can be good if it helps you to reflect and think about what is important,

But the external decorations and appearance are unimportant,

And we must always remember that.

Appearances are deceptive.

You can look at your goals every single day and feel happy,

And think to yourself what pretty goals those are,

Yet not really love those goals in your heart.

I pray to Allah that He makes us love what He loves,

And makes us hate what He hates.

Those are the only things worth loving and hating,

Everything else is a distraction and a trial for us,

Things we can utilise to serve our greater purpose,

But not the end in itself.


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