A Poem on Taking Control of My Life Following the Sorrow

I try to look to those in a similar or worse position to me,

There are those who have lost their entire families to war and killing,

Those who have had to have sabr while the murderers walk away unscathed,

Those who do not know or cannot know what happened on the day that their entire world and life was pulled out from beneath them,

Imagine their distress and suffering,

Having lost their entire family, livelihoods, everything…in an evening,

And no-one else cares,

Or looks on as a spectator and then walks away.

No-one defends them and there is no human way possible of retrieving that justice in this life,


There is so much pain, hurt and suffering in this world,

We are not in control of what happens around us,

Anybody can just unexpectedly come along and stick a dagger into everything that is important to us,

And we can lose everything in an instance,


And so the challenge for the believer is to accept Allah’s decree,

And remind themselves that what has happened is what was destined to occur,

And these events could not have been avoided in any way,

And that this is a trial and challenge for the believer,

To see how strong their faith is,

Will they continue to strive towards and believe in Allah, despite the setbacks?

Or will they abandon their faith, lose hope and detach, falling into the worst state imaginable – nifaaq or kufr?

I want to be of the former camp and I know I haven’t exerted enough effort,

I can barely pray all my prayers on time,

How can I expect myself to do more for the sake of Allah,

How can I expect Allah to grant me all that I desire,

If I still haven’t made those sacrifices of my time and my comfort?

Of course, our Lord will still continue to bless us, as He continues to love His creation,

Despite us abandoning Him all the time,

And though the dunya pulls me away all the time, tries to convince me of what I should direct my time and efforts towards,

I need to direct the dunya, take charge of it, reign it in and steer it towards serving my akhirah, inshaaAllah.

That is the best way to live and I must aspire towards this,



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