A Poem on These Hardships

I’ve been wasting these last few Saturdays,

Lying in bed…thinking, feeling, remembering –

All those painful thoughts and memories pass me by,

I feel deeply saddened and betrayed,

That someone could treat me like dirt,

Could just step on me,

Leave me hanging out dry,

And walk away,

Without saying a word,

Without acting to change anything,

Offering any help,

Going back to their pristine life,

With all of their accumulated wealth.

Allah has shown me what the world is,

I depended on His creatures,

I relied on them for help, support and guidance,

But one can’t ever guarantee that someone will continue to be good,

People change, their character can deteriorate,

Money can make their hearts harden,

Some even leave the fold of islam.

And if our nearest and dearest departed from islam,

Would we follow them into the ditch?

Just because our love for them was strong?

Or would we do the right thing?

Maybe try to advise them,

But if our advice didn’t work,

We would have to dissociate right?

To preserve our own deen,

As that was more important than these superficial dunya ties.

Let this world and all these trials strengthen you,

This hardship is real,

But it’s good for you,

As it makes you into a stronger believer.

May Allah bless us all and unite us.


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