A Poem on a Lost Friendship

It was sad to see someone that I once loved so much,

Just casually pass me by,

Like I was a complete stranger to them.

For a long time it would hurt me so painfully,

But today the pain was a lot less,

Which I am highly grateful and thankful for.

This issue has made me realise,

That there’s a problem with my soul,

When I felt so needy of another’s approval and attention.

That isn’t the way things were meant to be,

It was meant to be Allah who I craved to please,

The one whose attention I needed,

How I needed to fall and be bruised,

To remember and learn such a significant truth.

But Alhamdulillah that I was reminded,

For that is a great blessing and an honour,

To be given the opportunity to build my strength and resilience,

For I feel like I am more prepared to tackle what comes towards me now,

If Allah wills of course.


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