A Poem on Deep Regrets I hold

I feel sad and remorseful,

Like I’m unable to cope with life,

And that there’s too much to handle.

So I need to go back to the basics,

the first principles of surviving,

the foundations that were taught by Allah,

And then live fully and completely according to this,

Making my aims and my actions in line with,

The deepest values that lie within my heart.

I need to be truly honest with myself about what I want,

As I’m not happy.

I went along with the rest of the world and society,

Doing everything that was expected of me,

But you know what?

I’ve actually had enough,

I chose the dunya over the akhirah,

And now I need to switch it around!

Like what’s the point of all this?

Stressing about things which are actually quite insignificant,

Things that won’t matter on the day of judgement,

And so I must be truly clear about my priorities and my aims,

I’m not sure of what to do,

So there’s this uncertainty and confusion that lies within me right now,

Like I’m being pulled in so many different directions,

And I struggle to settle my body, my mind and my heart,

On one thing.

Ya Allah, please make it easy for me!


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