A Poem on the Injustices of This World

And it hurts me to the very core,

To see a world where one race is greater than all others,

To see people of all other ethnicities to be treated as lesser and weaker.

It hates me to see people with dignity and honour be treated like slaves,

Taken advantage of,

Sucked of their energy,

And then disrespected.

Where is the justice in this world?

But the truth is, there is none.

No human can ever be as just as Allah.

They can try, of course,

But they will never be as impartial, unbiased and objective as our Lord.

So I just wonder to myself,

Do I expect too much from the people around me?

Do I expect them to be completely fair, completely generous, completely kind?

Maybe I do,

And so I’ve decided that I want/need to change,

And put all of my energy and trust into Allah,

Rather than try to win the approval of those around me,

Who will always let me down,

And disappoint me,

Ya Allah, please grant me prosperity in the akhirah,

For up until now I have been chasing the dunya,

And I hate to realise it and think of it,

But a lot of what I work towards is pointless,

And my fear is that I haven’t done enough to save myself from the fire,

And attain entry into the best place ever,

Which is jannah!


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