A Poem on a Painful Encounter

My dear sister,

I didn’t know what to say to you,

To hear your pain,

To see your sorrow.

You’ve just been married,

You should be living the dream,

Feeling happy, joyful, ecstatic,

But there you were in mourning.

You looked so beautiful,

In your finely dressed attire,

But yet your face was filled with sorrow,

It didn’t quite match up,

It didn’t feel right,

It wasn’t the face of a newly-wed bride,

Something wasn’t right.

And then you told me,

The abuse you experienced,

And it hurt me inside,

I felt this jolt of pain,

How could this happen?

I felt sad and hopeless,

That I couldn’t do anything,

Change anything,

Or relieve the pain of it all.

So that’s why you were sad.

Eventhough the most happiest event occurred,

It couldn’t erase the past,

And it couldn’t erase the injustices,

That one had to endure.

It’s sad when your own mother,

The one who was meant to nurture you and love you,

Brought so much distress to your life,

Who was harsh and sharp with her tongue and her flesh,


It’s often the ones who are closest to you,

Who end up mistreating you,

It’s never ever good enough.

What cruelty and hardship you had to endure,

But what if I told you dear sis,

That this is the life of a believer,

To experience this poverty and pain in this life,

So that our akhirah can be filled with beauty and bliss.

There are so many just like you my dear sis,

Who have to suffer every day,

Think of the believers on the other side of the world,

The ones who are trapped,

While we live in relative luxury,

What can we do for them?

Other than pray and rely on Allah.

It’s a tough life, one can’t deny.

And I hope and pray that one day it will all be worth it,

And that we can sit together in jannah,

And reminisc about our dunya days,

And think to ourselves that it was all worth it,

And that we’d be prepared to do it all over again,

Because of the joy we’d receive at the end,

Our lord is looking after us,

Don’t you worry about that,

And He’ll take care of all these oppressors,

Be damn sure of that.

May Allah grant you ease,

And may Allah allow you to taste the sweetness of married life.


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