A Poem on Pleasing The Right One

And so I wanted to be a doctor,

To save lives,

To make a difference,

To have status,

To be successful.

I thought I was super-cool,

I thought I was bright,

I thought I had intellect,

And I felt so confident about myself.

But little did I know that on this path to be a doctor,

That I would have to devote so much of myself, my time, my livelihood,

And make all sorts of sacrifices.

How demanding this career is,

How much it wanted from me,

To suck me of all the other things that would add meaning to my life,

And sometimes I just allowed it to take over,

To pull me along,

That was my life.

But I don’t want that anymore,

As I’d like to be in control,

And I’d like to submit to my Lord,

And do what would be the most pleasing to Him.

I have so many doubts,

And there’s lots I’m unsure of,

But progress is being made,

Alhamdulillah šŸ™‚

And I’m determined to continue striving,

And doing what I can,

Because eventhough I’m not perfect,

I know that my Lord is,

And that He is on my side,

And that He is the best,

And He is beautiful,

As He is the one that added all that is good to this world,

And He is the source of all these blessings,

And I don’t realise it or acknowledge it enough,

Oh dear šŸ˜¦

But I want to continue to hold on,

As even the smallest bit of faith,

Is better than no faith at all,

So there is the tiniest slither of faith,

That we could hold onto and hope,

Hope that one day this pain will end for us,

And that we’ll enter Paradise.

And that we’ll be happy there,

Reclining on sofas,

Picking the best fruit from the best trees,

And be at peace knowing that there will be everlasting joy,

Not the turmoil and stress that this horrible world threw at us,

The world that treated us like slaves,

But the best ones are those who submit as slaves to Allah,

Who adhere to all of His commands,

Fear his wrath,

Feel needy of His approval,

And are super-conscious to not disappoint Him,

Not any other human being,

And the relationship with one’s Lord,

Is the best relationship that one can ever have inshaAllah šŸ™‚


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