A Poem on All the Things I have to Think About

There’s just so much on my plate right now,

I just moved into a new flat after some trouble in the flat before,

I’ve got exams to revise for and need to do that,

Still haven’t unpacked,

There’s this important financial application I should be filling out,

I should be creating a timetable and taking back control of my life,

And then there’s this fear of not being able to do things,

Not managing things,

Not being able to cope,

Not being able to get ahead,

Failing, and being seen to be a failure.

But there is hope,

There is Allah,

There is tawaqqul.

And there’s the knowledge and awareness that everything has already been decided,

And that it will descend upon us from the heavens.

And the most important thing we can do is pray,

And then take a few steps,

The reliance is on Allah,

Not on ourselves,

Or on our own effort.

Our effort doesn’t count,

It’s just part of following the sunnah,

Our reliance on our Lord,

And our prayers to our Lord is what is important inshaAllah.

We will prosper,

As long as we continue praying to Allah,

And being strong inshaAllah.


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