A Poem on These Horrible People

You have all these painful things happen to you,

And you just leave these horrid feelings inside you,

Not knowing what to do about things,

What to say, how not to offend people,

When all you desire really,

Is to live a life freely,

In a way that is most pleasing to God.

One that is most in line with your morals and your values.

But it’s sad when no-one else does so,

And so one is constantly disappointed,

When the rest of the world doesn’t quite measure up,

To the standards you have set for yourself.

But I will tell you one thing,

I never wish to lower my standards,

Not now, not ever,

And I wish to continue standing up for my values and what I believe in,

For that is the most important thing in my life,

And when you remain silent on everything,

Nothing will ever change,

People will continue being bullies,

People will carry on battering people up,

Being arrogant and horrific in their nature and their ways,

Just because they can,

Just because they have the power to,

It’s unacceptable to live with this,

Deal with this,

And I feel so much pain inside me,

For having to put up with this pain and sorrow 😦

It’s so very sad to have to endure this suffering.

And it hurts me to the very core,

To be around and be surrounded by people who cause me so much distress,

And who continue to bring so much trauma to my life.

They disgust me.


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