A Poem on How We Can Treat Each Other

Humans can be mean to each other,

They do sometimes turn away from each other,

Or put their own needs first.

It’s sad, but maybe if we all followed and valued Allah’s law,

Then we wouldn’t trespass the limits of what is and isn’t allowed,

But of course, we’re human,

And we’ll always fall short of following Allah’s law,

And so the most noble thing to do would be to forgive each other,

But how hard that is at times.

Especially when you feel wronged.

It’s almost like something has been taken away from you,

But what if we remind ourselves,

That nothing is ever lost in this dunya,

Not for the believer,

As nothing ever really belonged to us in the first place,

As it was just a gift or a loan from Allah,

So when Allah decides to take it away from us,

Then He is the greatest and the wisest,

And hence we should trust Him,

That what He did was for the best,

And inshaAllah everything will be ok,

If we depend upon and put our hope and reliance on Allah.

It will all be ok inshaAllah.

I’ve had a mad week,

I was treated badly when I reached out to and tried to be kind to another believer,

It made me doubt myself so much.

I don’t need people like that in my life,

And so I must move on,

Make lots of d’ua,

And start taking those small steps towards my akhirah.

It will all be ok inshaAllah 🙂


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