A Poem on A Sad Sister Whose Mother Left Her

It’s so very sad,

That your mum left you so young,

That person who was meant to love you, nurture you, care for you,

Abandoned you,

And so your family was left alone,

A poor single man to raise his children alone.

You came halfway across the world,

To become closer to that woman who left you behind,

To search for meaning, answers, love from another human being,

But you were disappointed,

As the world shunned you,

Things weren’t quite how you expected it to be,

You were a stranger,

Living in a world that didn’t accept you,

But you tried so hard to be accepted,

And failed each time,

You longed to look like everyone else,

Act like everyone else,

Be like everyone else,

In your clothing, your manner and your style,

But it didn’t quite work.

I wish I could tell you that it doesn’t matter what people think,

That you need to find your own path,

And not chase other people,

And you need to embrace the fact that you’re unique,

Instead of craving for the love and acceptance of those who will never give it,

Those who are full of self-interest.

Dear sister, please leave this dunya behind,

And pursue the akhirah instead,

It was never your fault that you were abandoned,

And you shouldn’t let it stand in your way,

Carve out your own path,

Do the things that interest you,

The things that will please Allah,

Don’t chase a mother who found her own life,

A different life to yours,

Who shunned her responsibility,

Took off and just left you all.

People make mistakes,

People do all sorts of harsh things,

And act and behave selfishly,

But don’t waste your time chasing those people,

Find your own path instead.

I know that’s easy for me to say,

I never experienced what you did.

I’ve tasted hardship too,

People have abandoned me too,

And it took me time and a whole lot of reflection to move on.

Time is precious,

And it’s not worth our time to chase people that don’t want us around.

Choose what is more important in life,

And that is Allah, the deen and the akhirah,

And if you pursue those things,

The entire dunya will follow behind.


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