A Poem on a Seemingly Small but Moving Encounter

Sometimes it’s those small encounters,

Those seemingly small people,

The ones who society frowns at,

Those can be the ones who remind you of what is important,

Remind you of the truth.

A not very wealthy shop attender,

Selling food on the road-side,

Who spends his summers distributing literature,

Spreading messages of truth.

How could it be this seemingly small man?

Who brought me so much joy.

Who reminded me of good times ahead,

Who spoke of it with such certainty, such yaqeen.

How inspiring I thought.

He didn’t need to be a fancy lawyer or a fancy doctor,

With a fancy car or a fancy house?

He was simply here to earn a living,

As people need to do,

To survive and be a good Muslim.

It made me see the world a little differently,

That it doesn’t matter how much I earn,

What I study or what I do,

That it will be worth nothing,

If I didn’t worship Allah.


I love my job, my studies and my life too much,

I’m far too afraid of losing it!

And that is where the problem lies.

I need to detach my heart from these things,

No need to detach my body,

Just my heart.

I don’t need these things,

It’s not a necessity.

I need Allah

And iman

That’s what I need.


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