A Poem on These Effing Bullies

Why is it that I always have to say “No”?

I’ve had enough!

It’s unacceptable for someone to lose their shit out on someone vulnerable and weak like me,

I’ve had enough of the world!

You were supposed to love me, care for me, nurture me,

Not lose it out on me all the time,

Not control me!

I will not be running to serve your desires anymore!

How dare you!

Sort your own life and your own crap out!!!


Ya Allah, please grant me relief from all these bullies in my life,

I can’t take it anymore,

I refuse to be pushed around,

I’ve literally had it with the world!

There’s just too much pain within me,

Too much to make sense of or describe,

Everyone is following their own path,

Everyone has a different set of aims and objectives,

And i’m not living my life by someone elses aims anymore,

I’ve had enough,

Literally had enough!

Piss off world!

Piss the hell off!

I’m not having it anymore!!!


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