A Poem on Pursuing One’s Own Path

And breathe…

It feels so good, to have left,

To not feel scared,

About what someone might say or do to you.

Everyone has something happening in their lives,

But everyone needs to deal with their pain and their struggles,

Instead of running away from it,

Putting a plaster on it,

Or lashing out at the people around them.

They haven’t dealt with the underlying struggle,

The underlying pain,

The reason for why they are this way,

And the reason for why they are searching so hard for acceptance.

We’re all searching for love, warmth, or peace in some sort of way,

Most people will search for it in the world around them,

And become broken each time the world lets them down,

But God will never let us down,

He is the ultimate saviour,

The One who is the source of all love, warmth and acceptance,

If He accepts us, loves us, honours us,

Then what use is the rest of the world?

The world is here to serve us,

We must utilise the world for our own good,

Not be swept up by the world and its’ demands.

It’s important to drown out the noise around us,

Pull away from the influences around us,

And live a life that is true to ourselves,

And our own core values.

The world is a pain,

It is a trial,

And it was meant to be this way.

But inshaAllah, one day it will come to an end,

And the believers can rest assured,

That the pain was worth enduring,

For a much better life that Allah had reserved elsewhere 🙂


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