A Poem on Escaping an Abusive Relationship

And so I left.

I decided that I could not handle it anymore,

I refused to be treated in such a horrible manner by a vicious, rude and aggressive human being.

How dare she speak to me in this manner!

How bloody dare she?

I spoke upto her,

Which I’m glad I did,

As she’s a bully,

And so I went about trying to create a change.

Alhamdulillah, Allah granted me a smooth road and allowed me to proceed ahead,

Granted me all the relevant skills, help and support I needed.

It all came about quite quickly,

And so I’ve felt a multitude of emotions in a day,

Fear, worry, anticipation, stress,

But also happy, hopeful, freed 🙂

One can’t tolerate abuse forever,

Others need to learn,

They can’t get away with bullying.

This is all I’m prepared to handle.

They need to deal with their issues,

And face upto reality,

Reality is harsh,

But we can’t run away from it,

Or refuse to acknowledge it,

Cos reality will catch up with us all one day,

And then we’ll regret not embracing it in the moment.


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