A Poem on Dealing with Anger and Vicious Characters

I felt so much pain today,

At the thought of dealing with an angry patient.

Why did it have to be me,

Who takes the beating to my soul?

It isn’t my fault,

That the patient or their relatives feel let down,

And I find it unfair that things should be pinned down on me.

I feel like the patient’s rights are far greater than my own rights.

What about my own dignity, my own feelings, my own health?

When the patient in front of me becomes abusive and mean,

So I’m just supposed to take it am I?

Take the wounds,

As if I’m a child taking a beating from a strict parent?

I’ve had enough of a profession that doesn’t honour us, respect us, stand up for us, or look after us.

I hate being in this very world,

Where everyone is so mean to each other,

Where the system sets us up against each other,

And where there are so called winners and so called losers.

But what if I said this, fellow human,

That the winners in this life will be the losers in the afterlife,

And the losers in this life will be well-dignified in the next.

Will that make you feel better?

To know that the degredation and humiliation will one day end?

And the entire world will feel regret at all that its’ done.

And wish that they behaved differently.

I hope that day will be good for us,

I don’t know what to do,

But just pray that one day Allah will set me free,

From a world that caged me up and tried to control my thoughts and dreams,

That ordered me to obey other humans and systems,

That were far removed from what God taught me.

This world is a pain…

But it was meant to be I think.

And it teaches us to be better people,

So that when that day comes,

We’ll have nur on our faces,

And we’ll feel ecstasy,

That we did all that we could,

And never gave up.


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