A Poem on Following Your Heart

Oh my dear brothers and sisters,

I struggle to establish whether you are brothers and sisters.

Your actions disappoint me,

And it seems that the dunya has taken precedence over what follows.

You join forces with people who are against the very fundamentals of what Allah sent us down with,

You fall for their lies and are easily deceived by their smiles and kind words.

Don’t you see that the actions of these people defy everything that we stand for?

And yet you still hope for change to be brought about through them.

Why does it hurt you so much to be reminded of the day of judgement?

Why do you show so much emnity towards those who are in the same camp as you?

Where does your allegiance really lie?

Please look inside your heart and really examine it,

Try to rid it of all the impurities that lie within,

Allow your heart to direct you to what Allah is pleased with,

And allow it to direct you away from what Allah hates.

We were born upon the fitrah,

So we all have the ability to turn ourselves to the truth,

But only the best of us will do so,

And the rest of us will give our souls to the dunya,

Cling to it and try to please all that we shouldn’t need to please,

But unfortunately that will drag us into a hole,

And we’ll only have ourselves to blame.

We’ll turn to all those we followed, obeyed and looked upto,

But will be faced with a blank wall,

They’ll tell us that we shouldn’t have followed them,

And it was our fault that we did.

We’ll find ourselves being alone on that day,

And no-one will be able to save us from the wrath of God.

However, if we are a believer,

And strive to emulate the truth,

Then we may find ourselves having many loyal allies,

Such as the prophets and the ambiyaa,

And that would be a huge blessing,

And we’ll feel absolute joy if we were granted that.

So oh dear brothers and sisters,

Be careful who you follow,

For the ones you think have your back,

Might probably drag you into a fierce end.


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