A Poem on How You Made Me Feel

It was unfair,

That I was misled,

Walked down a path,

And ended somewhere I didn’t really want.

But hey…that’s life,

You learn those lessons the hardest way,

It opens you up to your flaws,

Like I needed to assert.

I allowed things to go on that way,

Not really saying what there were issues with,

Not challenging you,

Cos I couldn’t deal with the idea of losing you,

But now I feel like I have lost you,

I can just be me again, and roam freely,

And do as I please,

Without the pressure of pleasing you,

Without being self-conscious of what you think,

What anyone thinks,

For it doesn’t matter,

As I am living my own life,

I have a scale of deeds that is different to everyone elses.

I have my own path,

That is different to everyone elses.

Yes, there is noise around me,

Which I need to drown out,

So I can be me,

So I can put my own needs first,

Then the rest of the worlds.

I can try to serve the world,

But that is also for me,

So that I can attain the pleasure of Allah,

Not so I can just serve the world for the sake of the world.

How hard it is, to exist,

To be here, all alone,

By myself,

But I hope Allah remedies that soon inshaAllah.


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