A Poem on Not Being Alone any Longer

And so I cried again today,

I put my head down onto the mat,

And I broke down.

It’s been a regular occurrence actually,

Like there’s been a lot of clutter in my mind,

And I carry it around,

Not knowing what to do or say,

Or how to focus and pay attention.

It’s like carrying the entire world inside my brain.

But enough is enough and so it’s time to rid life of all the clutter,

And reduce it to the things that are meaningful for me,

Pursuing passion, love, values,

The things that energise me,

And fill my life with willpower and joy.

Not the things that drain me,

And drag me down.

How dare these people try to contain me,

Tell me who they think I should be.

But I won’t let them control me,

And so I’ve had enough of being told of what to do,

Who to be or what I should pursue.

I will make those decisions,

As it’s my life and I will face Allah alone.

Oh how people try to dictate you,

When it’s their own lives they need to steer,

And try to take control of.

How they try to drill things into you,

Like your thoughts can contain their screws,

No, no, no – it’s time to be a bit more than that,

To take those screws out,

And reduce life to its’ absolute and minimum base requirements.

How painful this world is,

And how much pain we have to endure,

To exist.

How much suffering there lies in this earth,

And how tough it is to navigate one’s way through this pain,

The pain of being alone,

Of not having someone to love you,

Take care of you,

Honour you,

Value you,

Keep you company,

Have dinner with.

It’s too much to bear –

Living life alone.

We weren’t designed to live life like this,

We were made in pairs.

And so I must pray to my Lord,

That He unites me with my other half.

The one who I was destined to be with.


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