A Poem on All the Haters

All these people who have caused me pain,

Unintentionally…but I still carry it around.

They offer their arm of support and calm,

But bring terror, fright and confusion into my life.

I’ve had enough of everyone filling me with fear and concern,

I have more than enough concerns of my own.

Their emergencies are not mine to own,

I will see the world through my own values,

Rather than be a puppet for everyone else.

I’ve had enough of being bossed around,

And right now, I want to learn to assert myself,

And pray to Allah that He grants me the best way.

I worry that the things I want will be out of reach,

Which is why I need to have tawaqqul when I reach out.

There will be times when I’ll be filled with fear,

Like when Musa (as) was given the task of facing Fir’aun,

Or when he had to escape the town in which he had hurt a man.

People can be vicious and hurtful towards you.

The shaytan will whisper in their ears,

And out will come their venom.

I am learning that people don’t always express what they think,

And even they aren’t always aware of what is in their hearts.

They pull this warm and kind exterior over their faces,

Like a coat that hides what lies beneath.

So not all peoples’ views will align with your values,

And so their actions may be challenging for you to bear.

But we have a decision to make re. how we will face them,

Whether we’ll go along, or whether we’ll stand strong.

I’m done with going along,

And being taken for a ride.

Now it’s time for me to be a driver of my own car,

I want my own life back,

And to live a life according to my own views and values.

I’m not going to be this football that people kick around,

I’m going to be the goal-post and make a stand! šŸ™‚


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