A Poem on Not Depending on Our Efforts

It’s crazy how no matter what we do,

Our efforts sometimes count for nothing,

As it is the will of Allah that overtakes our acts,

Like it was the will of Allah that Musa grew up in Fir’aun’s house,

Despite his effort to get rid of all the guys,

So the prophecy of someone overruling him wouldn’t come true.

He went to so much effort to not lose his kingdom,

He sent out spies to monitor who was delivering life,

But it all accounted for nothing as Allah’s plan was greater.

And so I think to myself,

That even though we might exhaust ourselves,

In pursuing what we desire,

It’s not our actions that allowed us to win,

It was the qadr of Allah.

He brought us into this life,

He allowed us to be in the place that we are,

He sent all these opportunities and people our way.

Everything was just there,

In the right place at the right time.

We can’t put all our faith in our actions,

As we’re not in control,

That was the job of our Almighty Lord.

Sometimes we learn lessons the hard way,

Like when we try to do everything perfectly,

But we still end up not winning.

It shows that there are circumstances beyond our control.

I want to lead a better life,

And so I have made the intention,

To live a life, more in line with Allah’s law,

And to not let the noise around me pour itself into my path,

For my path is my own one alone,

And it is upto no-one else to tell me what to do.

I will stand my ground as I am in control,

Allah gave me free will and He also gave me His law.

As long as I adhere to it, then there is no guilt upon me,

For pursuing what I am entitled to.

Life will lay down many challenges,

And trials will be sent upon the believers way,

But as long as we remain steadfast upon the deen,

Then no harm will come apart from what was decreed by Allah,

And Allah is the most kindest and most merciful,

Better than any human being we know.

If it wasn’t for Allah, then we wouldn’t even know all the people we know.

And so we must navigate ourselves back to Allah.

His plan is the greatest plan,

And He is the ultimate perfection,

Not us or our actions,

Just Him, it was always Him.


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