A Poem on Loving the Deen :)

How I feel awkward waiting around,

Feeling anticipation, pain, sorrow,

Of living my life the way I live it,

Isolated, rejected, small.

But Allah told us that those who are patient,

He will grant leadership to us,

Like He did to the Prophet Yusuf (as),

Who suffered for years within a prison and a well.

But he was rescued from the dark,

And granted great riches and wealth,

And that is the reward for those who stick to the deen –

Those who don’t compromise and put Allah’s law above the rest.

Oh how difficult I’ve found it to be on this path,

How dejected and depressed I feel,

Eventhough there’s all these people around me.

However, we’re not united upon the deen.

We live highly separated lives,

With no power and no unity.

The only solace I receive these days,

Is what I get when reminded of the deen,

And the hope of better days ahead.

How hard it is to stick to the deen,

During these dark days.

When all people want is pleasure and joy.

But the bestest pleasure of all,

Will be the lawful ones that Allah grants,

And so I try to be patient,

When I ask my Lord to grant me all that I desire 🙂

The desire to be in the company of the greatest,

To taste the joy, spirit and beauty of the deen,

And to share it with people who love the deen above the rest.


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