A Poem on Wanting to Be Close to the Believers

Oh my dear, precious believers,

It makes my heart melt to know you exist.

Even though you are so far away from me,

I feel there’s so much love inside me for you.

I felt so alone and so I cried,

Since I’ve lost so much that I valued,

And now I feel scared of losing more.

I prayed to Allah that He grants me ease,

That He unites me with the true believers,

And then I was reminded of all those believers who are out there,

The ones I may have never met.

The ones who have suffered,

And the ones who have long been gone.

I lie and watch some of them talk,

Feeling awe and amazement and their attitude to life’s trials.

I feel close to them knowing that they have suffered like me,

I feel less alone knowing that it’s not just me.

And then there are those who have been long gone,

Ones like ibn taymiyyah who I truly admire.

I feel inspired when I hear of his story,

How he stood up for justice,

And rose up above all the big figures of his time.

He was an intellectual and an academic man.

He poured his soul into reading and writing books,

But on top of that, he was a man of action and rose up to act upon what he preached.

If only there were people like that on this earth today.

Of course I don’t claim that anyone today can be like that,

But I am hopeful that there are a few who will strive to emulate that.

There will always be a few believers on this earth,

And there will be many more kuffaar and munaafiqeen.

People who will be like snakes and pretend to be believers,

Simply because it’s convenient for them to be,

But those won’t be the ones who stand up for islam.

They’d easily let go if a storm came along.

And so here I lie thinking to myself,

What do I do and what shall I pursue?

I feel so alone in the world right now.

And so I continue to pray dear believers that Allah allows us to be together one day soon.


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