A Poem on Longing for Love

Oh darling, how I long to be with you,

How I long to hold you,

And gaze deeply into your eyes,

And tell you how much I love you,

And how I support all that you do.

I hope we can cry together,

At all that we’ve lost.

I hope we can hope together,

For Allah to grant us all that we desire.

But most of all, I hope we can enjoy our present together,

And find peace and tranquility in the presence of each other’s soul.

I love the way you talk about the deen,

How you commit yourself to teaching others about what is right and what is wrong.

I see that you’ve been hurt and bruised a little by the world,

And that makes my admiration for you grow a few notches into the air.

For I don’t want a companion who’s had an easy life,

What will they know about how to live with trials?

I want a man who has lived and survived a few battles,

Who Allah has made strong and has allowed them to rise above it all.

Oh dear believer, I pray that Allah brings you into my arms,

So I can kiss you and tell you that I am willing to support you in what you do,

And tell you that you are a beautiful man,

And that I am glad that Allah has brought you to me,

And I hope that this blessing lasts.

Of course, I will hope you can look back at me with happiness and ease.

As you feel fulfilled that Allah has granted you one of life’s beautiful things.

A woman can be a trial for a man,

And so it is most beautiful when Allah grants a man a woman in the most beautiful of ways.

I hope our marriage will last as long as this dunya and akhirah will last,

But I know it is only due to our Lord who decides and grants us what He wills.

And so all I would like to say right now is that I would like to treasure the time we have together,

And extract all the beauty of your company,

So that when Allah decides to split us apart,

We have lived, loved and learned from each other, all that we have to offer.

Oh darling, I feel impatient for our first meeting,

But I pray to Allah that one day we can meet.

And then I pray that one day I can taste your sweet lips,

And feel the warmth of your breath,

As I bury my body into your skin,

And feel satisfied that Allah has answered my dua 🙂


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