A Poem on hating this dunya

This lowly, lowly dunya.

How miserable and cold you are.

How brutal and selfish you can be.

You bring earthquakes and tidal waves ashore,

You make life miserable for everyone.

But we were put together so Allah could test us.

Which of us would pass this test,

And which of us would struggle?

I’ve been struggling these last few years,

I just keep on falling again and again.

I feel fragile and weak and powerless against all the evil forces in play.

But it wasn’t me that was supposed to conquer them.

No hero throughout history tackled the entire world and every problem.

They knew their limitations, they turned their sorrows and unhappiness to Allah.

They grieved all the losses and they felt defeated at times.

Even the strongest would feel weak at times.

Oh dunya, how much I loved you and longed for you.

Why would you never accept me into your arms?

I tried so hard but I didn’t know what to do,

You just left me alone, all in the dark.

I hope one day I can step on you,

And be mighty glad that we didn’t get on.

I hope that day I’ll be free,

Of all the hurt and pain you brought me.

I look around and see a world that is lost,

I feel lost living on you.

I long for the peace and serenity some of our predecessors had.

The ones who you could throw anything at but they carried iman in their hearts.

Oh dunya, how crappy you are,

And I want to be done with you so I can reach Allah.


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