A Poem on Being a Good Child

So I thought I’d be a good child,

Ring her up out of a sense of duty.

I didn’t have to, but I chose to,

As that’s just the person I am.

Wanting to be good – accepted.

But she told me to do something I didn’t want to do.

And so I politely declined,

But then she asked me again,

This angered me slightly.

I told her to respect me,

And so she said “ok”.

But why should I have to demand respect?

Why can’t she just allow things to be?

I am my own person now,

A chick that’s left the nest,

And it’s time for her to come to terms with it.

As I’m sick and tired of being a slave,

Running around and doing what she insists.

Yes I am a daughter,

Yes I am supposed to honour my mother,

But enough is enough.

I bear my own burdens,

And I bear hers too.

She stresses me out,

Yes I’m doing everything I can do.

Please stop telling me to worry,

I wasn’t worried until I began to talk to you.

Allah will fix things,

He has it all under His control.

I need to just trust Him now,

And submit everything over to Him.

I want it to just be me and Him,

And nothing in the way.

I want our relationship to be closer,

And so I must keep the dunya at bay.

My faith is weak and I tremble.

Feeling scared of the day ahead,

But Allah is looking out for the believers,

And He will aid us to victory.

Whatever will happen will happen.

But yeah, I am slightly scared.

I’ve acknowledged it,

And that’s totally ok.

When something means this much to you,

Then it’s ok to feel a little scared.

InshaAllah we will get,

Whatever Allah has decreed for us.


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