A Poem on My Life Right Now

It’s a lonely world out here.

I’ve been sitting indoors,

Watching rubbish tv shows,

Ordering food in everyday,

I feel like a sloth.

I need a major detox.

I don’t want to face upto the world,

So right now I’m just so wrapped up in my own.

I’m being lazy, gluttonous, selfish, hedonistic and sinful.

I kinda like not thinking about the rest of the world.

It’s nice in some ways to just step away and take a break.

My mood is definitely getting better Alhamdulillah.

Yes, i’m letting things slip physically,

But at least I’m not feeling terrified of this exam,

I’m acknowledging that it is due to the qadr of Allah,

That will determine whether I pass or fail,

And it’s not due to my very own efforts,

It’s due to the power and might of Allah.

I’m glad that I’m a Muslim,

And I’m glad that I have an opportunity to be successful,

I’m definitely closer to my fitrah,

Than most of the world.

However, I should never let that make me arrogant,

As we can never be sure,

Of when our faith might leave us,

And leave us in the wilderness alone.

At least Allah is on my side,

He is on the side of the believers.

InshaAllah things will improve,

And we’ll make it back to the start.


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