A Poem on Realising Our Purpose

And so no-one really knows,

Quite what they’re doing with their life.

Most people are just souls who walk around,

Not really knowing or realising their purpose in life.

So they get sucked into and consumed by the world around them,

Or just follow the empty vessels that walk around near them.

I inspire not to be like the crowd,

To be my own person,

Follow the values that are instilled within me,

The ones that will help me to find and follow my Lord.

The world distracts you and pulls away,

From realising that there is a divine purpose for our existence,

And sometimes we need to pull away from the world and think,

Reflect on why we’re here,

And what we were supposed to be.

Or else what’s the point in living?

Sometimes we humans have to face upto our destiny,

Things happen around us that we can’t control.

It throws us off our feet and leaves us to realise,

How small and insignificant we were.

We’re just a dot in space,

As far as the rest of the world is concerned.

But if we truly pondered we’d realise,

That we couldn’t have just sprung out of nowhere,

And there needed to be a Creator,

To start all of this off.

We might search around for answers,

We might pray for the truth or even lose hope,

That the world is even worth anything,

And curl up into a ball.

Or maybe we might discover the Qur’an,

Or come across stories of these amazing beings who were delivered to mankind,

Who told them that there was a God,

And our purpose was to realise, learn about and act upon that fact.

I hope that one day dear body and nafs,

I can control you more,

So that together we can work towards pursuing my akhirah.

It’s certainly in my interests,

But the trouble is that there’s this other being,

One called shaytan who promised to steer us away from Allah,

Except for the few who were strong and kept on coming back to Allah.

Ya Allah, let me be of those few,

The few that makes their resting place the akhirah,

And leaves the world with nothing other than their fabulous deeds.

The few that didn’t care for money, houses, cars or what the world around them does.

The few that just wanted to be accepted by the Lord Almighty above.


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