A Poem on Looking Forward to the Future :)

I always think,

Of all the things I lost,

Or worry about losing what I have.

But what I fail to appreciate,

Is that I have gained a few things too,

Eventhough the reality of this,

Becomes lost in a foggy mind.

I am closer to becoming a doctor,

To actualising my dream.

I am more confident and competent,

And so much better than I was a year ago.

I’m excited about the future,

And all the possibilities.

There’s also a bit of fear,

But that’s normal to some degree.

I look forward to nice companions,

And to pursuing what is important,

Learning new skills and talents,

And devoting what I know to other beings.

I look forward to love and new experiences,

New humans and chances to explore other avenues.

I look forward to putting my skills into practice,

Making a difference to lives and so much more.

I look forward to learning about the deen,

And having the chance to show my Lord, all that I know.

As well as putting it into practice,

And teaching others what it’s all about.

But I’m nothing without my Lord,

And I hope and pray that He allows me to be great,

To do the things I want to do,

So He can accept me on the Last Day.

So that my body will be filled with bliss,

And my face will be shining with joy.

So I can party with the other believers,

And feel relieved that I’m finally there 🙂


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