A Poem On Not Being Good Enough

She just dropped me,

I felt like I wasn’t good enough.

She ignored me,

I reached out to her a number of times,

But there was a lack of interest,

I felt so small.

I hate what she’s done,

How dare she?!

All the people she’s hurt.

I hope she is punished severely,

For the pain she brought me,

For abandoning me,

And leaving me by myself,

To pick up all the pieces,

With no support.

How privileged she is,

Nice house, new clothes, new car,

While I suffered,

I hate her so much.

I was of no use or value to her.

I felt insignificant,

Like a dot on the wall.

I pray to Allah that she is punished hard,

Learns from her mistakes,

And becomes a better person.

How many times has she made the same mistake?

Dumped people after leading them on.

Far too many repeats i hate to say.

I hope she learns soon,

And causes less destruction to lives.

So much damage has been caused,

And you can’t just run away.

I hope this follows her into the afterlife.

I hope she can’t cross the siraat and becomes stuck,

And falls to the ground.

Oh the anger that lies inside me,

The venom that wants to sting,

But I’m far too nice a person,

And so that venom stays inside,

Causing my insides to corrode away.

How injust was all of this,

Telling me one thing,

But acting completely differently.

How dare you leave me to rot,

You horrid, horrid being.

I pray that my anger subsides,

And all of this fades away.

But don’t know if it will,

As it was the harshest of betrayals.

And so I feel stuck.

I know only Allah can help me,

But I feel far too weak and distracted to turn to Him.

One day this will all end,

And how she treated me,

Would just be rubble under the dust.

But cities can be re-built,

And so it’s time to heal,

Develop a better relationship with my Lord,

And finally move on.


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