A Poem To One I Hope To Love

I don’t fit into this world habibi,

And it hurts me so much.

I look around and I see people being so happy and joyful,

Whilst doing things that Allah made unlawful.

I feel jealous of them all the time,

I present an outward shield of righteousness,

Presenting this stoic and hardened character,

When inside I’m just crumbling,

And longing for a day where I can taste the enjoyment,

Of human affection, warmth and mutual attraction.

I hope that day arrives soon habibi,

I hope we find each other in a lawful manner,

And I hope that our marriage is blessed,

Full of barakah and free of sin.

I know the entire world will try to drive us apart,

To inject venom and vice into our affairs,

But as long as we know and realise why we’re here,

And the original purpose that we had.

We should love each other for Allah’s sake,

But I hope that once we do,

The joys of the dunya can follow along too.

I wonder how long I can wait,

For something beautiful to take place.

I am forever impatient,

Oh Lord, grant me trust, hope and patience,

That one day things will be better,

And all these trivial worries of who said what and did,

Will only be a distant memory,

Withered away in the past.

We put so much emphasis on the dunya,

But now it’s time to move on and chase our akhirah.


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