A Poem on Separation

Oh the jealousy that envelops my heart,

We were a team but you dropped me and now my heart is so hard.

I feel bitter when I see you outperform me,

I almost feel what right do you have to do and be better than me?

But I must remind myself that it all came from Allah.

He is the chooser of who has what.

We must trust His divine wisdom,

Eventhough we can’t see it right now.

A true believer is one who doesn’t care, what the dunya throws at him,

For it’s all just hot air.

Everything will dissipate the day the trumpet is blown,

And that day we’ll all realise,

Just how futile this all was.

The truth will be unveiled and then we’ll all regret,

The wasted tears, toil and suffering,

For a dunya that just wasn’t worth a dime.

Instead let’s just remind ourselves,

What our real purpose is.

It doesn’t matter what we gain or lose,

It never belonged to us in the first place,

It was something Allah leant to us.

And now He’s taken it back,

And we must accept that,

It never belonged to us,

And our heart should never have attached.

But it did and so we’re in all this pain,

To be separated from those we loved


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