A Poem On The Anger and Rage

I’m soo angry you let me go!

You discarded me,

I felt like waste,


A tiny speck of dust in your life,

When you were so much more to me.

A human being who cared for humanity,

Who stepped up and took responsibility when no-one else would.

You had had enough,

You had reached your threshold,

And so you broke.

It’s never easy to decipher what was going on,

I would have preferred honesty and transparency along the way,

But I see now that I was broken too,

The truth would have battered me.

Eventually it came out,

And I was devastated.

You called it a damaged friendship,

That was your verdict, not mine.

And so here I am by myself,

Left to find courage and an opening by myself.

I was hurt, I was devastated, I was grieving, I still am.

But I’m finally starting to see some goodness that came from it.

I am taking responsibility for my life,

I have more time.

I am less restricted by the thoughts and views of other human beings.

I want to learn to depend on my Lord,

To become resilient,

So that I don’t need to run to others each time I have a problem.

I can turn to my Lord,

And be confident He is up there,

Listening and answering my call.

InshaAllah I will keep praying,

That one day I can reach a better place inshaAllah.

I hope you’ll be there too,

Alongside the best of Allah’s creation.


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