A Poem On Living

I wake in the early hours of the morning,

Thinking and dreading the day ahead.

Not really knowing what to do.

There’s so much I can do,

So much on my to-do list.

But I must focus on the most important things.

Stand back from my life and examine what is important.


During acutely anxious times,

I feel like my brain power is suppressed,

And I can’t access the knowledge inside my brain.

I want to succeed.

I want to prosper.

But success and prosperity only comes from Allah.

So I must attach my heart to Him,

And step away from the world.

I let the dunya and all its glitter and glory enter my soul.

But now I want to hold the dunya with my hands,

Reign in my nafs,

Make my own decisions.

As I am a believer,

And Allah gave me the choice,

To live how I want.

I sometimes let the world and all its noise influence me,

But I won’t anymore inshaAllah.

I let the world break me,

I depended on it,

Put my hopes and longing and desires upon it,

But now it’s time to put all of that upon my Lord.

The only One who is designed to handle it all.


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