A Poem On Searching For The Answers

I’m doing some soul-searching,

And reaching to the inner depths of my heart.

Oh heart, how much I neglected you.

How much I focussed on the external,

On showing the world how pious I could be.

There was too much nifaaq,

And now I aim to rid myself of it.

Goals were pursued,

Treasures never materialised.

And so now I must step away and consider.

What was it that made things go wrong?

I thought I did all the right things,

What is wrong with me?

I think I’ve reached a conclusion,

There are diseases in my heart.

And so I must embark upon the path,

To rid myself of them,

So that I can reach my Lord with a pure and clean heart.

Free of vice and full of virtue.

Oh dunya, how much you deceived me.

Now I will turn away inshaAllah,

And try attaching myself to the akhirah instead.


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