A Poem On Lost Opportunities

And so I broke down today,

I don’t remember crying like this ever before!

It was an explosion of tears,

It was loud.

I was breaking as I walked home from town.

Too much pent up anger and rage.

I looked forward to coming home and complaining to my Lord,

Telling Him of the grief that I endured,

Whilst others walked away into the sunset,

Leaving me to suffer.

I’m not going to make excuses for them anymore,

I tried to be kind and compromising,

But I was lying to myself.

It’s time to discover self-respect,

And say that enough is enough.

We are a community and a body,

And you don’t drop other Muslims,

And just go back to a privileged life.

You could’ve shared that.

It was dishonourable and disrespectful.

And I hate you for making my life miserable.


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