A Poem on A Lost Friendship

It’s ok to have been hurt,

The world is full of pain,

But God is full of healing.

He can turn hearts around,

The truth and answer lies with Him.

When faith is weakened,

Thrown to the ground,

Put through immense pressure,

And it still wants to thrive,

Despite the adversity,

Then you know how special the deen is,

It is a beautiful thing for one to hold onto.

I’ve nearly lost it before,

But now I want to build up my resilience and strength,

For the sake of my akhirah,

I hope.

I am sick of being damaged,

Of having the same thing happen,


I will take control and ownership of my life.

I can’t control my circumstances,

But I can control how I will react.

I’m not going to pretend or fake it anymore,

Because the feelings eventually catch up with you.

She broke me and continues to abuse me,

To not make an effort to repair the cracks,

Or to put right a wrong,

So I won’t ask her for that anymore,

I will turn to my Lord and beg Him to punish her severely,

For not sticking to her word.

For not granting me closure,


I hope you die,

And rot in hell.

You are nothing to me anymore.


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