A Poem on Justice

What happens when you don’t understand,

And can’t make out what the problems are.

When your mind is a whirlwind,

Of thoughts spinning around,

And you struggle to settle them.

When you can’t move on,

As the past is just dragging you down,

And you need to face up to it,

Or else you feel you will perish,

You won’t succeed,

And you’ll be even more depressed,

And loathe others,

For the harm and destruction they’ve caused.

Humans are fragile beings,

And they can only handle so much.

I hate you for the pain you brought me,

For just running away from it all,

Just cos you couldn’t handle it.

That isn’t love for the sake of Allah.

That isn’t the body of the ummah.

I thought we all hurt together.

But clearly not.

You’re a fraud,

And I hope Allah crushes you,

In the same way you crushed me,

And brought me to the floor.

You carried on with your perfect life,

While leaving me in the dumps.

Not everyone can move on so quickly.

I hate you,

And one day,

I hope there is justice,

And repayment for the pain I endured.

Oh Lord, please allow me to heal,

To move on from all of this,

For the sake of the deen.

So I can put my energy to good use,

To do good for the ummah.

And please unite me with the best of your believers,

In this world and beyond.



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