Psychosomatic Pain

So I suffer from psychosomatic chest pain. Sometimes when life just becomes overwhelming and stressful, I just feel horrible. I can’t even describe the feeling. There will be an intense crushing sensation on my chest, and lots of different thoughts will be spinning around in my head.

I grew up in quite an angry household. There was a lot of shouting and people lost out there temper on me. I was probably scared as a child, but I had to keep that anger in. I didn’t retaliate.

And now each time something happens that is challenging, I just can’t cope, it’s too intense.

What is it about me? And why am I like this?

And how much shall I explore these feelings?

I’m in contemplation right now. However, my exams are a short way away so maybe I just need to use those short term strategies to try and get by.

InshaAllah I do have hope. But I am quite a fragile soul.


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